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Phillip Mackey Phillip Mackey took up a position with Noranda Research Centre in Montreal, Canada in 1969 after completing his PhD at the University of New South Wales in Australia. His work included a stint as Supervisor of the new 100 t/day pilot plant for the continuous smelting and converting of copper concentrate, later called the Noranda Process. He was involved in all aspects of the project, including development of data for the full-scale commercial plant which commenced operations in 1973. This process is now recognised as one of the significant developments in copper smelting of the past century. He later became Smelter Superintendent at the Noranda Horne smelter in Rouyn-Nornada, Quebec, Canada and was later involved in licensing the technology at plants round the world, including Canada, USA, China, Chile, and Australia. Phillip is a Past-President of The Metallurgical Society of The Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy; was instrumental in establishing the Copper-Cobre world conferences and has received a number of professional awards for his work. He now runs his own company and consults for mining companies worldwide.

List of publications

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