Glen M. Denton

Head: Operations, Pyrometallurgy Division, Mintek

Glen Denton Glen Denton (56) holds a BSc(Eng) degree in chemical engineering from the University of Cape Town, and is a registered Professional Engineer. He has over 30 years of research and development experience in the field of pyrometallurgy at Mintek. He has been involved in metallurgical optimization of a process to smelt chromite fines in a DC arc furnace to produce various grades and types of ferrochromium. Glen has participated in the development of processes involving the application of DC arc furnace technology to the production of TiO2 slag and the extraction of valuable metals (Cu, Co, Ni, Cr, PGMs) from slags. He was involved in the application of DC arc furnace technology to the production and treatment of stainless steel, zinc, calcium carbide, e-waste, EAF dust, and vanadium slags. Glen contributed enormously to the design, construction, and operation of DC arc furnaces for Mintek's pilot plants ranging from 100 kVA to 5.6 MVA, and was involved in the development and commissioning of new processes and equipment. He was also involved in the scale-up of DC arc furnaces for the commercial production of ferrochromium, titania slags, and cobalt alloys from discarded base metal slags.

His publications to date, for which he has been either author or co-author, consist of 73 research reports, 10 papers, and 6 patents. In addition, Glen has received a Mintek Gold Medal, five Mintek APEX awards, and two Mintek Achievement awards.

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