Derek A. Hayman

Chief Technician, Pyrometallurgy Division, Mintek

Derek Hayman (55) joined Mintek in 1980, and obtained a Masters Diploma in Metallurgical Engineering in 1986. He has been involved with the design, development, and commissioning of pilot-scale DC-arc furnaces. He is currently involved in numerous feasibility studies developing innovative technologies based on the use of DC arc furnaces. These projects have been taken from the conceptual stage, through computer simulation of the process, to small- and large-scale testwork designed to provide data for the scale-up of the process for industrial implementation. He has been involved in projects covering the production of ferro-alloys and stainless steels, the processing of titanium-bearing materials, and the fuming of zinc from lead blast-furnace slags. He has undertaken various projects concerned with the recovery of base metals from slags.

His publications include ten internal reports, two papers, twelve contract reports, and a patent entitled "The recovery of metal values from slags".

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