Infacon III

Tokyo, Japan, 8-11 May 1983


Improvement of electric power consumption in silicomanganese smelting
        M. Kitamura, M. Morimoto, and Y. Kurita

12 A more efficient ferro-silicon process
23 Evaluation method of chromium ore from solid state reduction
33 HC Ferro-Manganese production in an open furnace operating with the "Two Tap" process
44 Composite cold pellet production and its use in Si-Mn production
49 Charge Chrome and Ferro-Chrome production in India
65 The potential of neutron sources in the in-plant determination of manganese and chromium in the ferro-alloy industry
75 Dephosphorization of ferromanganese with fluxes
82 The potential of plasma-arc technology in the production of ferro-alloys

A techno-economic assessment of large and small furnaces
        W.A. Gericke

103 Two decades of manganese alloy smelting in Tasmania, Australia
114 Recent improvements and future prospects in the production of silicon alloys
117 High-efficiency Fe-Si smelting technology with heat recovery system
123 Silicon metal market analysis
128 Ferro-alloys in a global context
157 The Ferro-alloy industry - A North American view
163 Evolution of the ferro-alloy industry in Europe
167 Casting ferro-alloys
178 Influence of raw materials on the production of 75% ferrosilicon
187 Sub-arc furnace optimization of furnaces at MS&A
194 Production of medium carbon ferro-manganese by the shaking ladle process
199 Microalloying elements in steel
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