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Infacon XV

Infacon XV: International Ferro-Alloys Congress

Cape Town, South Africa, 25-28 February 2018

Organizing Committee

Professor R. Hurman Eric, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa (Co-Chairman)
Dr Rodney T. Jones, Mintek, South Africa (Co-Chairman)
Isabel J. Geldenhuys, Mintek, South Africa
Paul den Hoed, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa
Dr Quinn G. Reynolds, Mintek, South Africa
Markus W. Erwee, Mintek, South Africa
Xolisa C. Goso, Mintek, South Africa


International Advisory Committee

Dr Nic A. Barcza, Consultant, South Africa
Johan Basson, Outotec, South Africa
Henk Bouwer, African Rainbow Minerals, South Africa
Tom R. Curr, Consultant, South Africa
Dr Nic F. Dawson, Glencore, South Africa
Professor Sergii Gryshchenko, UkrFA, Ukraine
Professor Muxing Guo, University of Leuven, Belgium
Professor Peter Hayes, University of Queensland, Australia
Professor Lauri Holappa, Aalto University, Finland
Rodney J. Hundermark, Anglo American, South Africa
Dr Sergey Kim, Abishev Chemical-Metallurgical Institute, Kazakhstan
Dr Kari Knuutila, Outotec Oyj, Finland
Sergey Kudryavtsev, UkrFA, Ukraine
Dr Lloyd R. Nelson, Anglo American, South Africa
Paul O'Shaughnessy, Consultant, UK
Professor Oleg Ostrovski, University of New South Wales, Australia
Franciscus X. Prins, Elkem, Norway
Professor Merete Tangstad, NTNU, Norway
Professor Pekka Taskinen, Aalto University, Finland
Professor Gabriella Tranell, NTNU, Norway
Dr Roger Urquhart, Hatch, Canada
Dr Jurg Zaayman, Ferro-Alloy Producersí Association (FAPA), South Africa


SAIMM Secretariat

Sam Moolla, Manager, SAIMM, South Africa
Camielah Jardine, Head of Conferencing, SAIMM, South Africa
Gugu Charlie, Conference Co-ordinator, SAIMM, South Africa
Nazli Mamdoo, Conference Publications Co-ordinator, SAIMM, South Africa


Reviewers of Papers

To be advised later


Session Chairpersons

To be advised later

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